Overcoming - Fear of Failure

fear of failure overcoming ray wienand Dec 27, 2018

Some things in life are unavoidable.

Two of them are being born and dying. But there are also other unavoidable things , like the fear of failure.

No matter how hard we try, we will encounter them. The difference is how we handle the fear of failure.

Each person is different, each person handles circumstances differently. And each person has different fears around failures. I’m no different, I also have them. And sometimes, I fear failing.

What determines failure? Is it the standard or goal set by somebody else like in an exam or test? Or, is it a goal that we’ve set for ourselves? Is it a feeling of failing somebody else?

What creates our fears? Are they from past experiences,  from what we’ve been told by others, or the enemy planting thoughts in our minds?  No matter how our fears developed, they are there, and they are real, too real for our comfort.

What should we do with our fears?

Should we ignore them,  try and hide them, or try and conquer them?

I believe we should conquer them.

 But how do we do it? Surely fear is stronger and bigger than us?

No, it’s not!

Fear is a state of mind that has a physical outcome in our lives. Shaking, sweating, stuttering, crying are only some of the physical signs. There are many others as well. We need to conquer those feelings and physical symptoms.

We need to hand them all over to Jesus!

There are 365 “Do not be afraid” verses in the Bible. One for each day of the year. God is trying to tell us something!

In Mark 5:36 we read.  “Don’t be afraid; just believe." That’s our answer. Fear not, but believe. Believe in God. Believe that God will take you through this. Believe that God is bigger and stronger than your fears. Just believe!

What about failure?

I, like anybody else, hate failure. But I try to learn from the failure, I get up, dust myself off, dry my tears and try again. Sometimes failing is due to setting standards too high for myself or allowing others to set up higher expectations than what's possible.

No matter why I've failed, it is not pleasant or easy. But there’s a way to get up and carry on, there’s a way to get the strength we need to carry on. Same as with fear, the answer is right in front of us in the Bible!

In Isaiah 41:10 it is written “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

Again, we have our answer! God says He is our God. He will strengthen us and help us. He will uphold us. Our part is to allow Him.

We need to allow Him to help us conquer our fear of failure. Through our strength we cannot do it, but through Christ all things are possible!

Raymond Wienand



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