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"Put your dancing shoes on because when you partner with the Holy Spirit to advance God's'll see what Jesus meant when He talked about JOY unspeakable and full of GLORY."
Dr. Judy Bauer
Equipping the body of Christ for successful ministry since 1979 in over 20 countries.
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Dr. Judy Bauer's Signature Premier MENTORSHIP is designed to bring Christians to maturity (fruitfulness) with Tools for personal and Kingdom EXPANSION. Fulfill your God-given calling. Enroll today. Now is the TIME!

""If you want a step by step system - It's all laid out for you. I have already shared what I am learning with others.""


"This lit a fire in me. Thanks, Dr. Judy. These concepts can become a phenomenon. It was empowering to learn that all the excuses that were holding me back could now be overcome. Feels like the chains have been broken! My eyes were opened."


""This is an APOSTOLIC ministry, given through PROPHETIC anointing, with and EVANGELISTIC thrust, to TEACH believers how to share Christ with a PASTOR'S heart.""

Pastor Johan Esterhuizen
South Africa

Additional Growth Resources

The Father's Family Business has various anointed and dynamic resources to assist you in your endeavors for His glory. Run your race with excellence. We can help. Let's advance God's kingdom together.


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Dr. Judy Bauer hosts an exciting, weekly one hour show called EPIC CONQUERORS on POWER of PRAISE Network.


Dr. Judy's Latest Book

The Quiet Brook - Time in His Presence is a unique daily devotional with topics that benefit all Christians. The two-day format allows extra time to meditate on the word of God. Each entry includes a prayer point to jumpstart your personal time with Jesus, practical applications for each Scripture, God's names in Hebrew with English explanations and Scripture references, and space to reflect on God's involvement in your life through My Reflections. Enjoy your time at The Quiet Brook.


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Here's my story:

God used me! A young, shy church secretary to influence nations. Imagine what He can do with your life?

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 Welcome to the family: Congratulations!

When we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we immediately are hungry to grow in our relationship with Him.


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Glad you asked! 

It's awesome that you have a heart for God and want to excel in your spiritual walk.

The JUMPSTART 7 Day Challenge is an amazing God-given strategy to give your inner man a spiritual boost. Comments we hear often from those who have participated is: "I didn't realized how much I let myself slip in some of these areas." 

ALL Christians greatly benefit from  taking THE MASTER'S Class and the New Testament Evangelism and Discipleship courses along with the many other revelatory, anointed fresh formulas, blueprints and strategies included in the KAM MENTORSHIP Membership.

God's fresh formulas and blueprints are anointed and as Christians get equipped for service His kingdom is advanced in the earth. 

The longer a Christian the more certain habit patterns develop and our growth plateaus.

It's time to step it up, put fresh skin in the game and "do it" different for different results. 

Experience joy unspeakable and full of glory that Jesus talked about. 

To learn more I invite you to join the monthly KAM MENTORSHIP Membership to advance the kingdom of God together. 

Each person has a unique situation, calling, personality, etc. 

Discover how to fulfill your God-given destiny and purpose by investing in your spiritual growth and transformation in the KAM MENTORSHIP Membership. 

For more information check the Spiritual Growth Tools at the top of this page. 



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Dr. Judy Bauer

Founder of The Father's Family Business, Judy Bauer Ministries and Kingdom Advancement Ministries (KAM). 

Dr. Judy has ministered in over 20 countries equipping believers to fulfill their calling and destiny.

Wife, mother, grandmother and spiritual "mom" to many.  Judy loves to minister and is a student of  the Bible. As a worshipper, prayer warrior and a women of great faith she has stood in the gap for many.

She loves to have fun, sew, build things, plan and experience adventures (i.e.: zip line, sky diving, theme parks, etc.).

Judy's greatest joy is to help people come alive and thrive. 


More of my story:

by Judy Bauer

We all have a story, a journey, a destiny that God planned for us. 

In my case, I was raised in a Christian family and accepted the Lord around the age of 5. 

Mom taught me how to read by reading the book of John. 

As a young girl (around 10 yrs. old) I remember distinctly where I was when God called me into full-time ministry. 

I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit in 1972 which dramatically changed the trajectory of my life.

At the time I was a young, shy church secretary and mother of two small children when God began to set me apart for His purpose.

My mission, my vision and my calling can be wrapped up in the words God spoke in those early years. "You will bring Christians into maturity."

In 1973 a prophet of the Lord spoke over my life and the Lord said, "I'm going to equip you with a fresh formula and a fresh blueprint of My anointing and it will be an advance unto My kingdom." 

I had no idea what He was talking about. My interest in evangelism and discipleship, however, began to grow passionately.

Six years later, after a Sunday evening service, I was at the altar worshipping the Lord. He spoke and said, "Quit your job. I'm going to give you the plan." 

After a month of waiting upon Him He downloaded an entire evangelism and discipleship equipping ministry strategy; indeed a fresh formula and blueprint.

I used His words "advance unto My kingdom" and called His plan "Kingdom Advancement Ministries" (KAM). 

To date, God has supernaturally opened doors for me to minister in over 20 countries. 

I've watched again and again, over the years, as the churches who have applied God's Plan of KAM double and grow exponentially. 

Individuals who have received the training continue bearing fruit throughout their lifetime. 

My husband, Gary, and I pioneered a church plant using KAM. The church flourished greatly. We pastored for 25 years retiring in 2004 from the local ministry so that I could fulfill the global impact of reaching every nation.

It's been my joy to help many in church leadership, providing mentorship along with strategies and God's fresh formula and blueprint.

I have continued traveling, writing, and creating my legacy by pioneering this online training platform so that Christians and churches could access this time-tested, proven and anointed ministry from anywhere in the world. 

I've been blessed to travel in an apostolic capacity, flow in the Gifts of the Spirit and witness miracles of healing, deliverance, changed lives and watched people come alive and thrive. 

I have ministered in pulpits large and small, taught 4 day KAM Administration Summits (The PLAN), Saturday Believers Trainings, Women's Conferences and meetings, Couple's Retreats and Marriage Classes, Church Leadership Conferences and a host of other events.

Nothing gives me greater joy than to give God ALL the glory. Great things He has done. 

Many have said that I'm a "Deborah" to the body of Christ. Others have given me affectionate nicknames: Mama J, PJ (Pastor Judy), Dr. J.,  Mom, etc. I have been told by Pastors, "You have a mother heart AND a father heart." 

I've lived a genuine BOOK of ACTS lifestyle, witnessed countless miracles, suffered for His name's sake and through it all - I am honored to be in His service and yours.

Testimonies abound from thousands whose lives have been changed by the power of God over the years through the ministry He entrusted to me.


Praise the Lord. 

Your co-laborer in advancing His kingdom,  

Dr. Judy Bauer

PS. Just FYI...I'm no longer a young, shy church secretary.  Look what the Lord has done!

If He can do all of this for me - I KNOW HE CAN ACCOMPLISH EVEN GREATER THINGS for you.

I can't wait to hear YOUR STORY.

Dr. Judy Bauer has taught across denominational and cultural lines throughout her ministry.

"God supernaturally opened doors and I've been blessed to work with individuals and churches who affiliate with Spirit-filled, charismatic, ICFM, Rhema, ORU, ISOM, Full Gospel Businessmen, Women's Aglow, Foursquare, Assemblies of God, non-denominational, inter-denominational, AFM, COGIC, Word of Faith, etc. - those who believe in the new birth, the power of the Holy Spirit and the Bible."  Dr. Judy Bauer

What a great question!

People often quote this passage: "freely you have received, freely give." 

I love that text from Matthew 10:8.

Jesus was teaching His disciples about going to the lost sheep and sharing the good news with them. 

We are to freely dispense the good news of salvation, healing, etc. to those who are without Christ. 

In verse 10 Jesus states that the worker is worth his keep.

He told them to search for a worthy person who will provide for them so that they could continue freely sharing with the LOST SHEEP TO BE FOUND. 


Jesus paid a high price for our "free salvation." His disciples paid a lot to carry on His mission as they followed Him prior to His death and resurrection and then His ascension. 

Today, the Gospel is still to be freely given to those who do not know Christ. 

Jesus commissioned each one of us to GO in His name, to be fishers of men and disciple makers.

However, the pipeline to carry the Gospel costs. 

Training in any professional field or career has a price tag.

Time, labor, money, study and practice are necessary to acquire the skills to be proficient in order to provide a service. 

Many have heard the story in mid 2018 of the 12 young boys and their soccer coach trapped in a Thailand cave. 

They lived in utter darkness for days as the monsoon rains flooded the cave making their escape impossible.

The good news: They were ALL rescued and delivered from certain death due to starvation and lack of oxygen. 

The boys, the soccer coach and their families FREELY received their miracle.

HOWEVER, the cost to rescue them was huge. Years before many people were in school, enduring tough Navy Seal training, becoming engineers, skilled divers and experts on a myriad of topics.

These people invested time, money, hard work and years of their lives to become the best of the best SO THAT they would be able to accomplish such a feat, if needed.

Imagine if no one had learned these skills ahead of time and practiced in order to be excellent in their field. 

Ready in season and out. 

The cost of man power, the death of a highly skilled Thailand diver, the grueling hours under water by many other dedicated and expert scuba divers (about 5 hours in perilous conditions) to reach the boys to assess the situation. Then the planning and executing to deliver light, food, oxygen, medicines, blankets, etc.

The overall COST on many levels by many people and agencies was extremely HIGH...paid for by those who prepared themselves ahead of time for such a time as this.

For us as Christians...Jesus mandated each of us to go into all the world and be fishers of men and disciple makers. 

How many are willing to heed the call? 

Statistics say that over 90% of Christians are uncomfortable sharing their faith. Therefore, they don't. 

What a tragedy. The highest calling we have received is swept under the rug or put on the shelf as millions slip into eternity without heaven as their final destination.

How many are willing to invest in the training needed to become skilled as Spiritual Entrepreneurs, as FORERUNNERS to be ready in season and out to set the captives free?

Jesus said, the harvest is plenty...pray for workers...

So, I and many others have invested and also prayed for YOU in response to His prayer request.

You are ready and willing!  How do I know?

Because you are reading this post. The Holy Spirit has been prompting you to become skilled for His glory so that He might position you as His voice to advance His kingdom in the earth. 

The materials in The Father's Family Business equip Christians to be able to freely give the message of the Gospel to their friends, family, co-workers, etc. with skill so that they may be able to bear fruit from now until Jesus comes!


The early disciples left their jobs, families and comfort zones to follow Jesus and learn from Him. It wasn't easy street, by any means. 

In John 6 we see many of His followers wanting to know how they could get in on the action and have crowds follow them. Jesus wasn't impressed. He knew the hearts of mankind...what they were really seeking. 

His response to their question was actually a test, "Eat My flesh and drink My blood." WHAT???? They just wanted to help Him out...what was He talking about?

John 6:66 shares with us from that time they ALL turned, left and walked NO MORE with Him. Sad!

Jesus turned to the 12 and said, "What about you? Do you want to leave too?" Peter made that profound statement, "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and to know that You are the Holy One of God." 

I've learned over the years that if I don't put skin in the game...I'm not going to value the experience.

Transformation takes place in the transaction.

GIVE and then IT SHALL be GIVEN to you. 

I've personally paid tens of thousands of dollars for training, coaching, counsel, classes, seminars and events over my lifetime in order to grow spiritually and to be a healthier, well-balanced person. I've invested in myself so that I could invest in others. 

I've also personally spent tens of thousands to go to many countries and pay my own way, pay their way and feed them in order to train them to impact their communities, villages and townships.

To have this platform, the training and know-how to create this online equipping ministry,  to hire help, staff, bookkeeper, pay for ads, etc. costs a lot of money, time and labor...oh, yes, it does. 

Is it worth the personal investment that my family and I have made to bring God's fresh formula and blueprint to His people?  

The answer is YES.

The lives that have gotten saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit, healed and mentored to grow in God has been AMAZING!

Then, to hear from people just like you - how their own lives have been changed as a result of the training...and as they've had a front row seat to miracles as their friends and loved ones experienced the fruit of their labors...

That is true JOY unspeakable and full of glory!

I've spent my entire life serving the Lord.  I've learned that whenever I am going to do something for His kingdom...He provides. He makes a way. Sometimes, it wasn't apparent at the moment, but as I stepped out and began walking in faith...He always came through...right on time.

Stretch out your withered hand...

Pick up your bed (of excuses) and walk...

I believe in YOU.  

God believes in YOU.

People around you are waiting on you to get equipped with the Tools of the Trade for The Father's Family Business so that they can know Him.

It's a privilege and a high calling to invest in ourselves so that we can be a FORERUNNER, a world changer and an influencer advancing His kingdom in our day.


Good question!  I asked the Lord about this myself as I was creating this anointed, apostolic membership opportunity.

"Is it OK to have a membership?" I asked. Immediately the Spirit of the Lord spoke to my heart. He said, "I originated that idea!" 

I understood in that moment what He meant and began to laugh. Of course He did. He instituted the TITHE. We know that as a Christian you receive many blessings as God's child.

However, when you begin to TITHE you enter into God's MENTORSHIP Membership. His benefits to you increase and the windows of heaven are opened unto you. 

So, yes, it is scriptural to have a membership. It can be part of your tithe and offerings or a mission's seed that you sow. 

You are fed from God's storehouse of revelatory training, formulas, blueprints and strategies. You are a missionary in training, as well as, raising up others to be a missionary to those in their spheres of influence.



Joy, Joy, Joy

You can know joy unspeakable and full of glory!

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