If you are…

  • An on-fire, sold-out, passionate, in-love-with-King Jesus believer...

  • Asking the Lord for a mentor like the apostle Paul was to Timothy...(Paul's have mentors too!)

  • Love to learn "behind the scenes" practical techniques, how-tos, strategies and processes so you can minister to others confidently anytime, anywhere...

Then this KAM Mentorship Membership is for you!

Dr. Judy Bauer's anointed, apostolic  MENTORSHIP was designed for you!

  • This premier mentorship brings Christians to a next-level of maturity (fruitfulness). "I seek to excel so that I will bring honor to God Who has chosen me to advance His kingdom."
  • This signature mentorship equips believers to expand the Kingdom of KING JESUS in the earth as fishers of men and disciple makers. 
  • This upgraded mentorship provides an umbrella of diverse ministry tools so that you walk victoriously in your God-given destiny and purpose fully alive, thriving and bearing much fruit for His glory. Sharing your testimony, the gospel, baptism in the Holy Spirit, healing and discipleship resources.
  • Pastors, church planters and missionaries use these trainings, strategies and resources to establish and/or grow your existing ministries.
  • This practical mentorship is your own online video BIBLE SCHOOL which includes THE MASTER'S Class (KAM), New Testament Evangelism and Discipleship training videos plus additional courses, pdfs, e-books, practical downloads and reproducible resources. ($8,000 value)
  • The value increases with Dr. Judy Bauer's LIVE ongoing trainings that will automatically be added to your library.  You will experience a lifetime of ministry fruitfulness as you apply these revelatory, time-tested, proven, God-given strategies, formulas and blueprints. 

KAM  MENTORSHIP has 3 levels for personal growth and global expansion:

Kingdom Advancement Ministries
Level 1 - EPIC Conquerors 
Level 2 - KAM Entrepreneurs 

Tools for your personal transformation, Body of Christ expansion and to Advance God's Kingdom globally.
  • 7 Arenas ~ Culture Influencers. Discover your arena(s) of influence. 
  • Spiritual Gifts ~ Practical training to experience the gifts on a daily basis. 
  • Spiritual Callings ~ Discover how these callings manifest  through you every day. 
  • KAM BootKAMp Hands on training with "The General" (Mama J) to raise up an elite force of warriors serious about taking territory in Jesus' name.
  • Believer’s Training Seminar ~ A one day LIVE event replay.
  • The MULTIPLIER R & M ~ Strategies to expand your influence.
  • UNLIMITED Possibilities ~ Unpack your multi-faceted influence for greater fruitfulness.
  • Dreams, Visions & Prophecies ~ Spiritual languages to receive Godly counsel, direction and insights.
  • Weapons of our Warfare ~ they're different than what you've probably been told...these are the ones the devil is really afraid you'll discover and use!
  • 7 Day Spiritual JumpStart Challenge Facilitator’s Course ~ Leading others in this anointed challenge to super-charge their inner man.
  • Break Destructive Cycles to Live FREE - Discover the patterns that destroy and those that heal.
  • New Topics to be added...as the Holy Spirit continues to unveil kingdom truths.


**** Dr. Judy Bauer's LIVE Group mentorship ministry (spanning more than 40 years around the world to leaders and believers) sharing fresh Kingdom revelations, anointed strategies, formulas and blueprints.   

~ Certifications, Ministry and Ordination Licenses available to qualified individuals. 

~ Ready to broaden your reach and influence through a podcast and / or with online training courses sharing your expertise with others?  I can help bring your vision to pass.


KAM MENTORSHIP Membership Is For You If...

  • You have unsaved family and friends
  • You aren’t confident sharing spiritual truths with those you know, love and care about for salvation, healing, baptism in the Holy Spirit and how to disciple them to grow
  • You want to be ready to minister effectively to those you'll meet in the future...co-workers, friends, extended family and others God will bring your way
  • You have a hunger in your spirit that cries out "There's got to be more. I want everything God has for me!"
  • You dream of truly fulfilling your God-given purpose
  • You're eager to experience more of God's presence and power
  • You want to leave a spiritual legacy for your children and grandchildren
I look forward to connecting with you.

I'm Dr. Judy Bauer

Also known as "Mama J."  Mentoring believers and Church leaders is my passion and God-given calling. Fishing for men, making disciples and helping people grow in their God-given ministry is what I live for.

I created this online KAM MENTORSHIP opportunity so that I could use what I've learned in more than four decades of apostolic ministry around the world to help people just like you discover how to unlock their fullest potential and step into their purpose and destiny in God. 

It's exciting to advance God's kingdom together and have a front row seat to miracles! Let's do this...You can if you KAM!




Aligned doctrinally with denominational and Inter-denominational Charismatic, Spirit-filled churches, Four Square, Assembly of God, AFM, ORU, TBN, CBN.

"My dad would not allow us to talk to him about God. However, I applied the strategies Dr. Judy teaches and he was able to receive. I'm eternally grateful for your mentorship as it has changed my life and my family."

- Heather A. 

"I've witnessed the power of Dr. Judy's mentorship. I discovered that KAM is an Apostolic ministry given through Prophetic anointing with an Evangelistic thrust to Teach believers how to share Christ with a Pastor's heart."

- Pastor Johan E.

"This KAM MENTORSHIP means a lot to me. I had been a rather "comfortable" Christian for a number of years. Now, I am growing again and excited about my walk with Jesus. My confidence to minister to others has increased. I'm no longer stuck not knowing what to do or say. Thank you Dr. Judy for KAM."

- Arizona USA KAMer


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