dr judy bauer Dec 27, 2022

"Make God the utmost delight and pleasure of your life, and He will provide for you what you desire the most."  Psalm 37:4 

Choices. God always gives us the right to choose. He told Adam and Eve don't eat of that tree now, the ball was in their court. They could choose to listen to God's counsel or to take a bite and deal with the consequences. 

Likewise, it is your choice to draw closer to God with the passing of each day...or not.  

The wisdom of God says to make Him your greatest delight and pleasure in life because...okay, now the ball is in your court.

Delight means "to take pleasure."  Choose to derive pleasure from spending time at the quiet brook in His presence...or not! The choice is yours to make. 

God promises that if you choose to draw closer to Him, He will provide what you desire the most.

Interestingly, if you do choose to delight in Him, you will find that what you most desire IS Him and His presence.

Search for Him and He will be found. God will be present with you. Communing with the Lord is the greatest treasure of all.  It surpasses anything this world has to offer. Jeremiah 29:13

What will be your choice today?


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