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From a bashful, young mom to a global ministry:

Dr. Judy Bauer's story ➡️  demonstrates how to go from stuck to success.

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From:  the Desk of Dr. Judy "New Testament 21st Century EQUIPPER" Bauer

People we love and care about living life without Christ is beyond sad. Am I right? YES...especially when we know that Eternity Matters and so does the Here-And-Now, for real! If you're like most Christians that I work with, upwards to 90% feel stuck when it comes to sharing spiritual truths with the very people they love and care about the most.

In past attempts...relationships were lost, doors closed and rejection was fun at all!

Well, the reality is this: 

One-Size-Fits-All methods DON'T work with friends and family!

Think about it! You don't like to be preached at or talked to like you don't know anything...especially from your friends and/or family, right? No Way!

So, no wonder your past witnessing efforts have been a total bust. (Stats: Less than 1-2% conversion that's discouraging and scary...with hell hanging in the balance! No one wants that for anyone!)

Your unique personality attracts those that others don't!

The #1 Mistake Christians Keep Making:

Share spiritual truths in a preachy-teachy manner. 

Or Worse Yet, MISTAKE #2

You share everything you know from Genesis to Revelation...TMI...too much information. 

I'm Ready To Learn So That I Will Be More Effective

Here's the truth: the harvest in 2021 and beyond will not happen through a few celebrity Christians...but through people just like YOU!


So, here's where the transformation happens: 


God planted you with the people that already surround, friends, etc.


His PLAN all along was to use YOU as HIS mouthpiece, in the "mission field" where He placed YOU to be salt and light. YOU are HIS missionary to them!

SO what's more important?

*  That you know everything in the Bible and can answer any question?

*  OR, that you learn how to share spiritual truths in your words and with your personality so that it is authentically YOU and feels super-naturally YOU?

5 TRUTHS that PROVE conversational, relational sharing works in your "warm market!"

1.  Up to 90% come to faith through family or a friend.

2.  Your "warm market" want to hear about Jesus from you, someone they trust. 

3.  It's the method Jesus used...enough said.

4.  It's natural and flows in any setting; home, coffee shop, on a picnic, taking a walk, etc.

5.  85% come to Christ between the ages of 4 and 14. This is your warmest market...your kids, teens, grandkids, nieces and nephews.

Do you currently experience the "what if I mess up" or "I'm stuck" syndrome?

If you're like most who have read this far, you're starting to see the possibility of knowing how God-given strategies can make a here-and-now and an eternal difference in those you love and care about.

"How am I supposed to take all that I've learned over the years and put it into words they will relate and respond to?

What do I say to get my foot in the door? How would I bring things to a point of decision where they are eager to say, 'YES!' Can't I just pray and believe God to send someone else to speak with them?"

And I get it.

But here's a little 'Insider Secret' for ya:

Great Conversational Sharing Isn't A ONE-SIDED..."Hit 'em Upside The Head With Scripture"...It's A Dance Between You And Them With The Holy Spirit Leading!

HELP!!! I Want To Get Unstuck...Sign me UP!!!

When you join New Testament Evangelism and Discipleship LIVE Training...

You will receive INSTANT ACCESS to everything YOU need to begin to create your signature, anointed, conversational and relational tool kit for fruitful ministry from now until Jesus comes!

Transformation begins immediately as you: Hear It!  Practice It!  Do It!

LIVES Start Monday, 

March 1, 2021

11:00 AM PST or 6:30 PM PST

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You happily invested xxx$ for a temporal experience.

YOU NOW have the chance to make an eternal difference in the lives of those you're connected to so that they experience an ETERNAL DESTINATION in the presence of God which lasts forever and ever...AND provide them an encounter with Jesus here-and-now 24/7

WOW-ZERS...what are YOU waiting for?

How much have you sown for MISSIONS over the years?
$100s - $1,000s of dollars?

That's good...your heart is in the right help people get trained in "Cold Market" witnessing to go to another country so they can bring people to Christ...and hopefully disciple them...But WAIT a MINUTE....wait just a hot minute...

that reaches YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY???


💥  'Cause here's what I know: 

NO other person can minister to your friends and family like YOU can!


Because they don't have a relationship with them.

They're not even on their radar! Much less, their prayer list...BUT they ARE on YOURS...

WHY IS THAT?  Well, because:

  • YOU DO HAVE a relationship connection already established
  • YOU DO SEE their life as it goes by month after month
  • YOU DO know they need the help that only God can provide every day
  • YOU DO know they need to know Heaven is their FOREVER HOME. 


EVERYTHING YOU LEARN about "WARM MARKET" evangelism and discipleship
will benefit you throughout your lifetime.


💥  Here's something else I know:

In the years to come, you will make more friends and your family, extended family and Christian family will grow too! New nieces and nephews, new grand babies will come along with their friends and parents, the POTENTIAL HARVEST for YOU is ABSOLUTELY LIMITLESS!

YES, in the VERY 1st class I'll show you how, to me and to God, you're worth a 1,000 souls...Yahoo!

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