Finally, You Can Tear Up That Prayer List!

Statistics show that conversational and relational skills are the MOST EFFECTIVE way to introduce Biblical truths and have a front row seat to miracles when YOU minister to YOUR friends and family. Imagine, no more lost relationships or closed doors to spiritual topics. 


Be the KEY to Unlock Victory.

Meet Your Instructor

"God's plan for me shows me His great plan for you." Dr. Judy Bauer


God Heard Your Prayer!

Yes, He gave Judy a divine download that works. She put His formula and blueprints into an exciting online training curriculum to equip you to be effective in fulfilling the Great Comission (Matthew 28:18-20) anytime, any place, anywhere.

Let's make the Great Commission Great Again. 

Jesus, THE MASTER, has a fresh formula and blueprint outlined in the Bible that is guaranteed to give you the tools you need to succeed as a Spiritual Entrepreneur in The Father's Family Business. You're invited to join us in His classroom to become the key that unlocks the door to victory for those on your prayer list. 

Unlock the POWER of your STORY

  • DON'T MAKE THE BIG MISTAKE of having a one-size-fits-all story that fits almost no one ever.
  • IDENTIFY the relating points so that your friend or family member opens the door to hear more.
  • WATCH them commit their life to Christ, join His family and experience His power transform them from the inside out.


Have a front row seat to MIRACLES

  • PRAY for the sick, anoint with oil, lay on of hands, take the Word as medicine.
  • MINISTER to them to receive the powerful blessing of the baptism in the Holy Spirit
  • WHAT TO DO and what not to do when sharing spiritual truths so you can be the key to unlock their destiny in God.


Mentor others to GROW in Christ

  • YOU FACILITATE the Bible lessons so that the new Christian discovers and grows in their relationship with Jesus.
  • DISCOVER THE MAIN POINTS and practical applications they need to grow strong spiritually.
  • INFLUENCE your family, neighbors, work place, community and beyond as you successfully advance His kingdom in the earth.


Testimonials - Stories for His Glory


Get Equipped today! Join THE MASTER's Class.

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Prepare. Share. Care.

Equip yourself today. Don't struggle any longer engaging your friends in spiritual conversation. Know you've covered all the bases so they can make an informed decision. Bring the conversation to a decision. Score another prayer you hold the key that unlocks their victory.


Be the KEY that unlocks the door to answered prayer.

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Fishers of Men

This exciting training includes 5 courses:

  1. SHARING YOUR STORY -TESTIMONY - 9 Videos with Action Challenges
  2. Sharing His Story - Gospel Outline  - 10 videos with Action Challenges
  3. His Story - Gospel Presentation 10 videos with Action Challenges
  4. Healing - 15 Videos with Action Challenges
  5. Baptism in the Holy Spirit  - 15 Videos with Action Challenges


Disciple Makers

This anointed training includes 3 courses:

  1. TOPICAL Follow-Up Bible Studies  (Part 1)
  • First 5 lesson topics - 15 videos   

   2.  TOPICAL Follow-Up Bible Studies  (Part 2)

  • Second 5 lesson topics - 12 videos

    3.  Process 4 Progress (P4P) Tracking Tool - 12 Videos with Action Challenges


Course content aligns with the doctrines of  Charismatic, Spirit-filled Churches and Ministries such as Assembly of God, Foursquare, Rhema, Non and Inter-denominational, AFM, ISOM, Word of Faith and other Biblical Christian ministries. 

The MASTER's CLASS has all the tools you need to be an anointed, masterful fisher of men and a skilled disciple maker.

JOIN the movement advancing God's kingdom in the earth. 

Answered Prayers - Guaranteed!

Keys to the kingdom!

God always confirms His word with signs following. Equipped with these tools YOU become the KEY to answered prayers.  Jesus says, "Come, follow Me. I will make you to become fishers of men.
Immediately they left their nets and followed Him." Let's do the same!

I'm Following JESUS Today!